If you are a student and you have always wanted to try a game that educates you but at the same time it is fun to play, then ISGEE is for you! Try yourself in a game which is out of the ordinary and helps you develop your skills. If you are interested, check out the game concept and the upcoming events for students.

You, students are also an important group for the ISGEE project, as your opinion is very crucial for the development of the game and other results of the project. Since you will become the final users of the serious game itself, we are including you in different ways in the project:

Defining user characteristics and needs: The HEIs taking part in the project organise workshops to get familiar with the opinions and needs of students regarding the implementation of gamification in an educational environment.

Pilot testing: Students are invited to test Entrepoly during the development of the game in order to tailor user experience to their expectations. Collecting feedback is conducted and coordinated in a focused way by the education institutions taking part in the project in the form of an online questionnaire.