The project partners of ISGEE believe that gamification is the key to helping the current and upcoming generations to study easily and effectively. In order to do so, the following outputs are created:

1. Entrepoly – The game

an open access, modularly structured role-playing digital serious game

with dynamically adjustable content to match the specific educational requirements

available on multiple platforms

estimated test version: 2020 spring

Entrepoly picture

2. A Game Adaptation Handbook – Explains the structure and use of Entrepoly

explains the general structure of Entrepoly from the teachers point of view

explains the built-in scenarios and modules of Entrepoly

helps modify existing scenarios and set up own scenarios in Entrepoly

includes user manual and model combinations

estimated test version: 2020 spring

structure and use of Entrepoly

3. Teaching Toolkit – Support for teachers to implement Entrepoly into education

helps using serious games and gamification techniques for education purposes to develop entrepreneurship competences

contain general literature overview about gamification, serious games and their possible uses for educational purposes

provides practical aid to adapting Entrepoly in an educational setting

gives guidelines for partial or whole semester application of Entrepoly

Estimated pilot version: 2020 autumn

Download Teaching Toolkit

structure and use of Entrepoly

4. A Good Practice Suite – Inventory of other games

benchmark summary about currently available serious games connected to entrepreneurship skills

recommendation for games’ implementation

Estimated pilot version: 2020 Spring

structure and use of Entrepoly