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Want to join the fun? Would you like to use or customize Entrepoly? Go ahead and join!

As Entrepoly is developed under the EU funded Erasmus+ project called ISGEE, it is completely free (with no hidden fees or advertisements).

Who shall join?

Educators from all kinds of fields

Entrepoly is dedicated to foster entrepreneurial skills – that are not just business skills.

Creativity, Risk taking and Idea generation are essential skills of nowadays no matter which field are you coming from.

Educators who are searching for innovative ways to foster their lectures

Entrepoly is not meant to substitute traditional education. Rather it is meant to foster it and add a tweak or boost with an entertaining game.

Why not directly students?

We intend to reach out to students via the teachers as they can be the instructors and evaluators providing an appropriate context for implementing Entrepoly.

How can I join?

You can join easily without any bureaucratic tasks, just fill out the form below.

After joining in, you can access the teacher’s platform where you can

construct “scenarios” from the 4 houses

modify some elements, dialogues, questions in the houses

add students easily to your game (scenario).

If you are the first from your institution, we can give you the “Administrator of Your institution” rights. With these rights you can add teachers from your institution.

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