Entrepoly – The game

Entrepoly is a serious game developed by ISGEE project. The game is free and accessible for anyone. If you would like to customize the game content (yes, it’s possible!), you need to be an educator and register to our platform.


The most important features of the game are the following:

Open access and free

Teachers can modify content, define own scenarios and track the actions of the students:

- Via the teacher’s platform

- after registration

- easily without an in-depth IT knowledge

- the main elements of the game are built-in but the dialogues in the game can be modified, therefore new questions/answers can be added according to the teacher’s aim

Modular structure:

different in-game venues (so called “houses”) are dedicated to improving different entrepreneurial competences, teachers can choose from these houses and construct their own “scenarios” and modify the content of it.

- Creativity

- Risk taking

- Business thinking

- Idea generation

The general aim of Entrepoly for students:

Practicing entrepreneurial skills: so just play!

Earning gold in the game: so this can be the basis for evaluation and competition.

Try the demo versions of our game here:

Creativity House
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Casino House
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Break Event Point House
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Start-up House
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