About Entrepoly

Entrepoly is an online game developed by an international project called ISGEE – “Implementing Serious Games in Entrepreneurship Education”. The aim of ISGEE project is to foster the development of entrepreneurship and digital competences in Higher Education.

We are developing a serious game, called Entrepoly. Entrepoly is an online game used especially for education. Entrepoly is unique, as teachers can change the content and tailor it to their own classes and students.

Entrepoly is basically a game with different venues representing different topics and classroom environments.


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Entrepoly comes with a

Our team also collected several previous good practices for teaching with serious games.

About ISGEE project

The aim of the ISGEE project is to develop entrepreneurship and digital competences with a digital serious game, called Entrepoly.

ISGEE project methodology relies on two innovative frameworks:

If you are interested about these EU initiatives, you can find out more here:

EntreComp Framework - about the importance of Entrepreneurship competences in education:

DigiComp Framework about the importance of Digital competences in education

Good practice collection

We have put together a collection of articles to help you, the teacher, get started wit ease!

Our partners

The University of Szeged

The University of Szeged (USZ) is one of the most popular universities of Hungary. Its foreign connections include more than 500 universities worldwide and 432 Erasmus+ partner universities. The University of Szeged is a leading workshop of education, science, research, innovation and it has a crucial role in the region’s cultural, social and economic activities. The University of Szeged offers a broad range of educational opportunities to domestic and foreign students. Entrepreneurial education is a part of its portfolio – several spin-offs and a vivid start-up ecosystem proves the success of their efforts.

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West University of Timișoara

West University of Timişoara (WUT) is the main higher education institution and research pole in Western Romania. The university’s strong focus on quality within an increasingly international and globalized academic world is endorsed by UVT’s affiliation to the European Association of Universities (EUA) and the International Association of Universities (IAU). WUT have implemented several projects especially in the field of gamification and entrepreneurial education.

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Technical University of Ostrava

VSB - Technical University of Ostrava has long tradition in high quality education and research in engineering, IT, and economics related fields. The University provides bachelor's, master's and PhD study in technical and economic sciences across a wide range of study programmes. VSB-TUO has over 250 partner universities worldwide. The Faculty of Economics as one of the seven faculties of university holds long-term experience in applying the simulation games, which improve managerial and business skills and competencies. Faculty also possesses the methodology of training game skills for both lecturers and students.

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STUCOM provides training to high school students, and also VET training courses in Marketing , Business Administration, IT, Robotics and training for unemployed people. STUCOM has been involved in EU projects for 18 years and a priority of the school is to focus on projects that deal with innovation and technologies. The aims of STUCOM are to take part, to promote and to support all projects that involve young entrepreneurship, innovation, new technologies that involve gamification, robotics and virtual environments.

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Established in 2006 as an associated institute of Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg (MLU) and with the University as the largest and determining shareholder, Univations GmbH and its 12 full time employees are responsible for all strategic entrepreneurship and knowledge transfer activities of the University. Doing so, Univations pursues a holistic approach to innovation and start-up support - from entrepreneurship awareness raising and competence development activities at school- and HEI-level to management consulting in young as well as experienced SMEs. It supports young entrepreneurs and HEI spinoffs in all phases of the start-up life cycle as well as innovate enterprises in their efforts to develop new technologies and services. The essential motivation for this systematic support lies in the creation of premium jobs and a top-skilled workforce within the entrepreneurial eco-system of a structurally catching up region.

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Expertissa Timisoara

Expertissa’s activity is divided into four distinct domains that work together for covering a great part of IT market in Romania. Their activities include software development for businesses, IT audit, service and IT maintenance, and sale and delivery of equipment. The members of the team are certified on the software platforms: IBM Lotus Notes, Java, PHP, MySQL. The well-established connection and previous successful projects with WUT provides a stable base for the collaboration in the ISGEE project.

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Nottingham Trent University

Public research university in Nottingham, England. It was founded as a new university in 1992 from Trent Polytechnic.

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Mongolian University of Life Sciences

Mongolian University of Life Sciences (MULS) consists of 5 separate schools which are: School of Economics and Business, Veterinary Medicine, Animal Science and Biotechnology, Agroecology, Engineering and Technology. MULS promotes the creation of new knowledge through mission-oriented research, varying from basic inquiries to high tech applications. The MULS Statistics and Mathematic modelling Department's takes part in the ISGEE project. The department’s goal is research and student training in statistical methodology and in probability and mathematic modelling. In the project they will provide a robust methodological background for the applied gamification methodologies.

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