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Rational behind the project

According to the European Commission, lifelong learning can be achieved by developing 8 key competences, out of which two is used for the current project

Digital competences – confident and critical use of ICT tools

Entrepreneurial competences – Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) role too to develop these competences and promote entrepreneurship education (EE)

Aim of the project

Aim of the project

The aim of the ISGEE project is to develop entrepreneurship and digital competences with a digital serious game, called Entrepoly (1), that arrives with a supporting adaptation handbook (2), a teaching toolkit (3) and also selected good practices for teaching (4).

ISGEE fits DigiCompEdu’s recommendation fostering the following activities:

To create or co-create new digital educational resources: an open access innovative digital serious game (1)

To organize digital content and make it available to learners and educators: game adaptation handbook (2) and gamification teaching toolkit (3) for lecturers

To identify, assess and select digital resources for teaching and learning: a good practice suite for educational implementations (4)

You can find more detailed description about the results of the project HERE.

Target group of the project

Aim of the project

ISGEE provides the target groups with a digital game and a complex support for its implementation. The target group of the ISGEE project is diverse. It includes the following stakeholders:

Lectures - due to the increasing need to satisfy the needs of the new generation

Students - who are part of the new generations, especially generation Z; they use digital devices easily

Business Partners - who later employ the new generations